Frequently Asked Questions

What is helium?

Helium is a colourless, odourless and tasteless inert gas which is lighter than air. It's non flammable & non toxic and can be safely used either inside or outside. Please see our Balloon Helium Information pages for further information.

Which cylinder should I order?

This all depends on the quantity and size of the balloons you want to inflate with helium ‐ please see our Cylinder Capacities chart as a guide.

How much does it cost?

Buying or hiring a helium cylinder is the most cost effective way to blow up balloons ‐ we have various size canisters to suit all events and budgets ‐ see our Price List for full details.

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver Hire cylinders to most business addresses all throughout the United Kingdom. We can send disposable cylinders to any home or business address on UK Mainland For helium hire we would need to arrange delivery & collection at the same address.

How long can I keep the hire cylinder for?

Our price includes up to 28 days hire, but we can arrange for an extended hire period if you need your cylinder for longer ‐ please let us know.

How big are the cylinders? Are they heavy?

We have 5 different size cylinders depending on your requirements. The Disposable 30 (4kg) , Disposable 50 (4.5kg) & X Small (16kg) Hire Cylinders are easy to transport & move. The Medium (29.5kg) & Jumbo (76.5kg) Hire Cylinders are a little heavier & require careful moving & handling. Please see our Safety Information Do's and Don'ts

Are the cylinders easy to use?

Yes, you will be provided with simple operating instructions for each canister, but essentially each has a fitted inflator valve and a cylinder valve which you will turn on & off to inflate your balloons. See our User Guides for detailed instructions.

How quickly can you deliver?

Ideally 5-7 working days notice is required for those wanting to hire a cylinder, but we can sometimes arrange for delivery sooner. We cannot do same day deliveries, but can often organise a same day collection. The Disposable Cylinders, balloons & accessories can all be delivered the next working day if required.

How quickly can you collect?

Ideally 5‐7 working days notice is required for those wanting to hire a cylinder, but we can sometimes arrange for collection sooner. If you are wanting to order helium for collection same day, this is often possible subject to stock and we need to have the order paid for and placed by 12pm that day and have to be at least 2‐3 hours before you want to collect.

What should I do with by Disposable Cylinder when it's empty?

Please take it to your local Household Waste Sorting Site where it will be recycled.

How long will the balloons stay afloat?

This does vary depending on the size and type of balloon you are inflating, but as a guide foil balloons stay inflated for around 3‐4 days, latex balloons for approximately 8‐14 hours depending on conditions.

Do you also sell balloons?

We do also sell a range of latex and foil balloons all which are suitable for inflating with helium ‐ see our Balloon Products page for more information.

What else do you sell?

As card p-2 mb-3 as helium, we also sell the full range of related products and accessories, everything from balloon weights to race tickets ‐ see our Products page for further details.

Do you provide any other services?

We also provide balloon printing, balloon releases and balloon delivery services, please see our Services page.