Helium gas is safe to use providing you follow the safety guidelines outlined below:

  • Do not deliberately inhale helium. Although not poisonous, this gas could result in DEATH by asphyxiation or damage to your lungs. This warning is endorsed by the British Compressed Gasses Association.
  • Never open the cylinder valve without fitting an inflator. Once the inflator is connected, open the valve slowly.
  • Never use equipment which may be damaged. Under no circumstances attempt to repair any item of equipment.
  • When transporting a cylinder by car ensure that the vehicle is well ventilated and the cylinder is well secured.
  • Ensure cylinders are stored in well ventilated areas, away from direct heat.
  • Always wear eye protection when using a cylinder. When inflating balloons always point the balloons and inflator away from you. Remember to close the cylinder valve after use.
  • Always use a proper trolley for moving large cylinders, ever for a short distance.
  • Always fasten the cylinder to a secure support in an upright position when in use. Cylinders can cause serious injury if they fall over or roll onto you.
  • Keep cylinders away from children at all time. Responsible adults only should use cylinders and other equipment.