Balloon Helium Information

In this area of the website we have provided you with all the facts and information about helium and how to get the best use from the helium cylinders we offer. The all important safety advice guidelines should be followed and our user guides will help you to get started once your canister arrives. If you want to know more about helium, our interesting facts and history pages will inform you of all you need to know.


Helium is a non flammable, non toxic gas and is completely safe to use when care is taken to follow some basic rules. Please ensure that you read our Safety information page which gives guidelines on moving and handling the cylinders, how to store and transport them and what other considerations you should take. Of course, helium should never be deliberately inhaled as it is an asphyxiate and can cause suffocation or death.

User Guide

All of our helium cylinders are very simple to use, but to ensure you get the best out of your tank, please follow the simple instructions in our User Guides section. We'll tell you how to turn on and off the valves and the best way to inflate your balloons. If you experience any problems using your cylinder do get in touch and we'll do our best to guide you over the telephone.

Lifting Potential

As helium is lighter than air, once a balloon is filled it will lift a certain amount of weight. Here we try to guide you on the lifting potential of different balloon sizes, which will help you determine how many balloons you can attach to a particular balloon weight before it will start to float!


If you want to know what helium is, when it was first discovered and where it got its name, read our helium facts section for these and lots of interesting answers to any helium themed questions you may have!


For a history of balloons and helium use read our interesting and insightful history guide, right from the pre-rubber balloons, the first rubber balloons and right through to modern day advances foil balloons and techniques such as balloon printing.